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L&M UNDERWEAR - lingerie
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... the Gold Loyalty Card by L&M UNDERWEAR - a jewel in your wallet ...
Customer Card STANDARD
Customer Loyalty Card GOLD
  • our GOLD CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD is issued FREE of charge, and is conditioned by accruing a minimum of 100 customer points on the CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD that has been already issued based on which the card will be issued - i.e. if a customer does not apply a discount expressed by monetary value of accumulated points on the already issued CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD when making a purchase, after receiving 100 customer points they can be replaced for the GOLD CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD; the customer fills in and submits a registration application form under which the card will be issued at the cash desk
  • a GOLD CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD can also be issued at a single purchase worth at least € 100.00, no benefit to any other customer card can be applied at the purchase. After the purchase the customer fills out a registration application form under which the card will be issued at the cash desk
  • you gain 2 point for every € 1 of your purchase
  • 1 point = € 0.05 - as the future value of money left on the card, which represents a discount of 5% of the each spent euro of your purchase in which the points were credited to the customer
  • customer points gained at any purchase can be applied when making a payment for any future purchases as the monetary value of accumulated acquired points
  • additional benefits for GOLD CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD holders are being prepared in order to provide you with even greater advantages when shopping with us
  • general information concerning the registration, issuance and usage of GOLD CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD can be found in THE GENERAL RULES FOR THE ISSUANCE AND USAGE OF CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARDS

If you do not want waste time to fill in the GOLD CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD registration form at the shop, you can print out the completed form and bring it to the shop. (For technical reasons, application forms printed out in A4 size can only be accepted.)

In case of a dispute, wording of these rules in Slovak language prevails and it is governed by valid legal regulations under the jurisdiction of the Slovak legal system

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L&M UNDERWEAR – lingerie, luxury men’s underwear, hosiery

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